EAZY PROPERTY is a membership program which is a refinement of the “timeshare” system that was created so that the Indonesian people can have a property business without having to buy a property.

What I got when I bought the EAZY PROPERTY program

You will get a membership program that is valid for 50 years, educational bonuses in the form of audio CDs, books, educational seminars and will get a stay ticket by following the number of memberships you buy per year. You will also get a discounted price if you want to use more than the proper ticket. If you do not want to use the ticket, you can leave it with EAZY PROPERTY by following applicable regulations. You can inherit this membership right or you can even resell it before the membership period expires. You can also resell your membership rights to PT Indonesia Jaman Now (after the membership period ends) at 180% of the initial price of the program membership by following applicable regulations.

What are the benefits of joining the EAZY PROPERTY Program?

  1. Own a property business without having to buy property
  2. Get a stay ticket every year during the membership period.

Who can buy the EAZY PROPERTY program?

All people in the world who have a legal identity, both individuals and legal entities or business entities.

What documents must I have to purchase the EAZY PROPERTY program?

Individual (≥17th): KTP / SIM / PASSPORT
Perorangan (<17th): Birth Certificate and Family Card
Legal Entity / Business: Deed of Establishment, SK KumHam and KTP Director

What is the legality of EAZY PROPERTY?

EAZY PROPERTY is a trademark owned and registered by the Director-General of Intellectual Property Rights by PT Indonesia Jaman Now.

PT Indonesia Jaman Now is a Legal Entity engaged in property and was established on January 25, 2019, and approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Registration Number 4019020531100792 on February 5, 2019.

What documents do I get if I buy the EAZY PROPERTY program?

You will get an Order Letter (SP) containing your order details, a Binding Price Letter (HP) containing your payment details and also a Membership Agreement (PK) which is a binding document containing the provisions clauses regarding the EAZY PROPERTY membership to be legalized ( watermarking) notary public.